Sunday, 6 March 2011

Prepare for Take-Off...

Well, I was maybe being a little ambitious thinking my book would be on Kindle by Saturday; mainly because I had no book cover! I was contemplating putting it on sale without any cover at all, but realised that I would probably be wasting my time as I know myself from browsing through the Kindle book store that it is often the cover which catches the eye first.

I needed a cover - and quick!! I spent hours on various diffferent software programs trying to come up with something, but failed. I decided I needed some guidance so I had a look on the Kindle boards - which provided my solution!!

I searched for ebook cover design and a post came up from someone advertising a clearance sale on books covers!! Had to be worth a look, I thought. As soon as I went on the designer's site I saw my book cover!! It was ideal... not too fussy... had a watch on a chain - which ties in nicely with my Hypnotic antagonist - it was perfect! Even more perfect was the price; just $10! (around £6.50). I contacted the designer and within hours he'd emailed my book cover - Kindle ready.

So what now? Well, I need to tweak, edit and format everything then I'll use Mobi Pocket (which I downloaded for free from the Kindle Publishing site) to get it Kindle ready. Another piece of software I downloaded for free from the same place is "Kindle Preview" - software that will allow me to see my book how others will see it.

Once I'm happy with it I can upload it and send it live!!

So Saturday wasn't way too off the mark as publishing day - just a day out (assuming I hit no more obstacles).

I'll be back later with more updates!!

MoJo xox

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